How long will it take for me to receive my package of spa treats after I place my order?

Most orders are processed & shipped from our studio within 3-5 business working days of receipt of payment. Our reduced Summer Schedule (from June - Sept. 1) requires a turnaround of 10 business working days!

**Business days do not include weekends nor US Federal Holidays - (e.g. if an order is placed on a Friday, fulfillment may be no earlier than that following Wednesday). After your order is confirmed during checkout, you will automatically receive an order number indicating that we have recieved your request.  Once your package is ready for shipping, you'll receive another email notifying you that your spa treats are in route to you (along with a tracking number)!  Please allow the standard 3-5 day USPS or 3-6 FedEx Ground shipping requirements.  

High-volume situations (e.g. holiday sale promotions) will automatically require a turn-around time of 10 Business Days - please review in more detail HERE.

What is the shelf life of Bekura spa products?

Our anhydrous products (sugar scrubs, whipped butters, balms, oils, bath soaks & serums) are given a 2-year shelf life once opened.  For the sugar scrubs - although we have implemented a mild, paraben-free preservative - we do recommend that you limit it's contact with water to ensure optimum shelf life.

Our hydrous, water-based products (creams, milks, conditioners, & mists) are given a shelf life of 9 to 12 months once opened.

Does Bekura offer free samples?

**If available - we will try & include a free little packet with each order!  We can not accommodate special requests & do not provide free samples outside of purchase.

Does Bekura have a retail store?

Bekura Beauty does not have a brick & mortar setup.  

Where are Bekura spa products made?

Bekura's specialty products are proudly crafted in the USA!

Our niche collection is developed from scratch through extensive research, testing, and much passion!  Therefore, each recipe obtains consciously-selected ingredients working together holistically to nourish the hair, skin, & senses.

We take pride in our creativity while never compromising on the integrity of the end product.  All new formulations (specifically hydrous creams, milks, & conditioners) are carefully pH balanced, microbial-tested, & stabilized by a local independent lab partner before we sell to you!

 Why are some of the jars/bottles not filled to the rim?

Bekura's specialty-craft spa products are cosmetic-filled using net weight (not volume). 

Our more heavier, "waterless" concentrated products - such as the Y.A.M. Nectar Hydrating Hair Nourisher, Body & Hair Serums, etc. may not fill past the neck of its specified container - but you will receive the exact advertised weight - oftentimes a bit more. Access this article to learn more in-depth details about the difference between measuring by weight versus volume.

Does Bekura use paraben-free preservatives in their hydrous (water-based) products?

YES!  All preservative systems used in our water-based products are both paraben & formaldyhyde free.  A good place to learn more about the potential dangers of parabens on your body is HERE!  Also, we absolutely refrain from using synthetic mineral oils or petroleum substrates, & do not perform animal testing of any kind whatsoever.

Are Bekura products considered vegan?

We do use a variety of honey nectars, pollens, and/or hydrolyzed honey within our "HONEY" well as beeswax in some of our balms & salves.  Although these honey derivatives are beautiful, natural humectants that soften & nourish our skin and hair, it is not vegan due to the source being related to our earth's honeybees!

What forms of payment does Bekura currently accept?

We currently accept the following major forms of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover) as well as PayPal.  At this time we do not accept personal checks/money orders or PayPal eChecks.  

**CREDIT CARD BILLING** Please note that your billing address typed in during checkout MUST MATCH EXACTLY to the billing address that is on file with your active credit card!  If any information is slightly off (e.g.: using abbreviations such as "st." for "street") - your data may get scanned in as a mismatch & your card will decline. 

Credit card declines due to a mismatch of billing addresses will (1) cause order(s) to not process & (2) may cause your issuing bank to place a pending hold equal to the total funds of the declined order(s).  These temporary holds are solely controlled by your bank & it does NOT mean that your card has been debited by Bekura! The holds will automatically expire within 24 hours (our customer attendant does not have the authority/capability to remove them).  Please take the time to verify accuracy of your billing information before proceeding to checkout in order to guarantee a smooth transaction  - review our Privacy Policy for additional clarification.

Do you ship internationally?

BEGINNING MARCH 1, 2016 - Unfortunately we are no longer able to ship to European Union Nations due to strict EU cosmetics regulations & labeling mandates.   For all other "non-EU" locals, please contact us at or refer to our list of approved US retailers & international affiliates for shipping.