UPDATE: Our Treasure Rewards program is currently on hold until further notice! We apologize for the inconvenience....while we research another offering to take its place - please use a complimentary 10% off coupon code "LOYALTY" during checkout on all orders placed now!

Earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend with Bekura Beauty! 

Treasured Rewards is simple - For every 20 points redeemed on future orders, you'll get $1 off the order total (excluding shipping & taxes) - making your savings of 5% on every order! If you have a registered account on our store, then you have to do nothing.....all registered users are automatically enrolled!  If you don't have a registered account, simply register (here) and the next time you shop, you will be automatically entered.

Redeem your Treasured Points! 

Your points are automatically redeemed for you once you have earned the minimum amount of 20 points. This means that the next time you shop with us, your store credit will be ready and waiting for you.

Additional Rules....

  • Treasured Reward are available to registered online members only.
  • Treasured Rewards may not be applied to accounts prior to 24 hours from the time of purchase.
  • Treasured Rewards earned or redeemed do not apply to tax or shipping fees.
  • Treasured Rewards are earned & redeemable by the e-mail address on account only. Email accounts can not be consolidated for combined rewards.
  • Accounts will be audited monthly and any suspicious activity will be inactivated.
  • We hold the right to modify the rules & terms of rewards program at any time without notice.
  • Memberships without any activity after a year may be cancelled without notice.